We usually think about the end of life too
late and don't talk about it.
Therefore we don't spend our last days the way we wish we would.

We organized a survey among the general public and healthcare professionals on attitudes and experiences with death and dying in the Czech Republic.
For the survey results, visit umirani.cz/data (in Czech).

Die at home 78 %

78 % of the respondents wish to die at home – this is the same percentage of the population that actually die in palliative care centres or hospitals.

63 %

63 % of the respondents would start making the important decisions related to the end of their life only once they have become seriously or terminally ill.

Talked about it only 2/5

Just two in five of the respondents have ever talked about their end-of-life preferences or wishes with anyone.

Does this apply to you too?

Death is far away. It’s bad luck to talk about it. It’s an unpleasant topic.

Those are the main reasons that keep us from discussing death with our loved ones. Regrettably, the survey also shows that people often do not talk about death because they don’t have anyone to speak to.
Do not be afraid to talk about dying.

Czechs are no exception.
Talking about death and dying is difficult even in other languages.

A public poll from May 2014, arranged by the UK organization Dying Matters, shows that even people in the Great Britain rarely plan for the end of their lives or know the last wishes of their loved ones.

83 %

83 % of the public believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing dying and death.

51 %

51 % of those with a partner say they are unaware of their end of life wishes.

36 %

Only 36 % Only 36% of adults have written a will, 29 % of people have let someone know their funeral wishes and just 6 % of the public have written down their wishes or preferences about their future care, should they be unable to make decisions for themselves.

What about you?

Our death influences other people

“What we know is
that obviously we are
going to die, but how we die
is actually really important, obviously not just to us, but also to how that features in the lives of all the people who live on afterwards.”


Let's try to make the decision for yourself