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About the website

Website Thinkaboutdeath.org is operated by the Czech Hospice Civic Association Cesta Domů based in Prague, Czech Republic.

The website is part of the awareness campaign Thinkaboutdeath that seeks to draw attention to the fact that the wishes associated with the end of life should be talked through in time.
The application Thinkaboutdeath.org offers us the opportunity to decide how we wish our end of life to look like. It is a joint project of the Czech Hospice Civic Association Cesta Domů and the creative agency Yinachi.


The purpose of the website is to create a list of the last wishes, i. e. recorded preferences regarding the end of life. The application generates two types of wishlists - one with all completed topics, one without the topics that users mark as private. The lists are in principle public, i.e. they are not protected by password. Thus we recommend not to write down any sensitive information.

The website is informative only, intended for reflection. It does not serve as a data safe and can not be used as a counseling place in case of an emergency. In this case, we recommend you to contact the experts (helplines and counseling centers for terminally ill, the dying and the bereaved).


Users are asked to enter their name and email address. The email serves to create unique user profile. By entering of an e-mail address the user confirms that the address belongs to her/him. The management of the profile requires no password. The profile can be deleted at any time. E-mail addresses are not passed to any third party, it is used for spreading of information associated with the campaign only.

Data validity

Although we put a lot of effort to provide all the information on this website based on our best knowledge and the available data from various academic and public sources, we can not guarantee that they will reflect current situation and valid legislation in every country or region. We strongly recommend to double-check any legal decision with a lawyer in your own country. The aim of this website is to open the public debate on death and dying, not to provide an expert guidance on any legal aspect of it.

Use of materials from this site

The website can be used as a source of information for journalists and educators. If you do so, please let us know and mention the source.